Sunday, July 19, 2009

Princess Maureen

This story takes place a few years ago when Maureen was 21 years old. She was attending a local state university and living at home with her parents and four younger brothers. Her three older brothers had left the family home in favor of starting their own families. Now with seven brothers you would probably think Maureen to be a tom-boy. Well if you did, you'd be dead wrong. Seven brothers and a doting father made Maureen into a princess. She had never worked a day in her life and had no concept of the value of money (she still doesn't). She was, on most days, spoiled beyond the point of rotten.

For her sweet 16 birthday present, her Dad gave her a brand new Chevrolet Camaro Z28, fully loaded, T-tops, leather, everything. When we graduated from high school, her Dad bought her diamonds. I'm sure you get the picture. No, not that I am incredibly jealous. Although, that's probably true. The point is she pretty much got what ever she wanted.

Now, I did say most days before. That's because there was always one person who did her best to keep Maureen deserving of all that worship. Meet Maureen's mother, Mrs. O'Malley. A very imposing woman standing a very lean 6'2" tall. I suppose I should mention the entire family was very tall with Maureen being the shortest at 5'11" .

Mrs. O'Malley knew exactly how to adjust Maureen's attitude when it was needed and neither father nor brother could stand in mother's way when she decided sweet Maureen needed some maternal love.

Maureen feared her mother's correction for a number of very good reasons. First, it was an ultimate humiliation as she was forced to strip herself completely no matter who was present in the house. Second, she had to go and fetch whatever implement her mother intended to use on her backside. Usually it was her mother's hairbrush on the dresser in her parent's bedroom. Sometimes however, it was the strap which hung on a hook inside the woodshed in the backyard. Whichever implement was being used she had to retrieve it while naked, bring it back to her mother, and ask very politely, "Mother, please use this [insert implement here] to soundly spank my bare bottom until I learn to behave like the very good girl you have raised me to be." I have to say it if it had been me having to say that, I would've choked on the words. The third reason is of course, the actual pain of the spankings themselves. A trip over Mrs. O'Malley's knee was never short. Many of Maureen's learning sessions lasted near an hour. You see, Mrs. O'Malley liked to lecture all through a spanking. She would emphasize her points, usually on that very tender spot where the buttocks meet the thighs. Although none of her spanks were particularly hard, she more than made up for that with quantity. Mrs. O'Malley had mastered the art of building a long lasting fire in her daughter's behind.

The after spanking ritual was just as humiliating as the before. She would have to return the implement to its proper resting place still naked and showing off a very red and sore backside. Maureen would then have to return to the place where she had stripped her clothing off, this would be wherever they were when Mrs. O'Malley decided her daughter needed a lesson. While she had to retrieve her clothing it wasn't to put them back on. No, she had to put her clothing with the rest of the laundry for the week. Whenever Maureen was spanked she had to spend the rest of the day naked and she wasn't allowed to hide in her bedroom either. Mrs. O'Malley was never short of house chores for her daughter.

Let's get back to that fateful day when Maureen at the age of 21 found herself in need of a lesson from her mother. I believe it was in the middle of June when Mrs. O'Malley opened her mailbox and found nothing that she hadn't been expecting. It was actually something that wasn't there that was the problem. She had, on the advice of a family estate planner, opened her first credit card account just a few months prior. The idea was for her to build up a credit record separate from that of her husband. She hadn't been enthusiastic about the idea as she preferred the archaic idea of living within ones means. Her husband had insisted though upon learning of the problems she would face with no separately established credit record of her own, should he have the bad manners to die before her. The first month she had the card, she quickly changed her mind about its usefulness. It was far easier to use in stores than writing checks out all the time and better yet she was able to have the cards limit set to the exact amount of her monthly budget. As long as she only used the card for household purchases she didn't have to worry about accidentally overspending and best of all she only had to write a single check for all those purchases. Problem was she had gone to use the card a couple days before and found it declined. She had been certain she was several hundred dollars under her budget for the month so, when she called and found out the card was $115 over her limit she was of course very concerned. Now here it was a day later in the month than her statement had ever come before and no sign of it. The coincidence of overspending and late billing all in the same month were making her suspicious. Her feeling wasn't unfounded but, she was focused too far from home.

Mrs. O'Malley called her credit card company and had them fax a copy of her statement to her husband's work. Then she called Mr. O'Malley and told him the fax was coming and that she needed him to bring it home. I'm sure the conversation was more involved but its not pertinent to Maureen's story. It will suffice to say Mr. O'Malley shared his wife's concern and left work early when he got the fax and saw the charges for over $500 of food and alcohol at local restaurants. He had no doubt that Miss O'Malley had been pretending to be Mrs. O'Malley. By the time he arrived home he had decided that this was one time his precious angel was lucky her mother was the one that handled her discipline. Even so her was seriously considering taking her for a trip to the woodshed and whipping her butt raw.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley sat and talked about their wayward daughter well into the evening. Maureen had taken her brothers to an amusement park called, Six Flags, for the day. So, her parents had far too much time to decide precisely how they were going to deal with her. They first considered giving her an option to just get a job and pay the money back. The problem was that wasn't really something they wanted her to do. Finishing her college education was much more important to them than a few hundred dollars. No, this was a lesson she was going to have to learn the old fashioned way. After a bit of deliberation they concluded that this was a lesson she wasn't going to learn in one day or from a single trip over her mother's knee.

Maureen was enrolled in a single summer class that met on Wednesdays from 9AM to 12PM. It was decided they would have to take her to and from the class for the duration of her punishment. Mr. O'Malley thought 2 weeks would suffice while Mrs. O'Malley felt 5 weeks would be better. They eventually compromised and decided on 26 days roughly 1 day for every $20 Maureen had stolen. The O'Malley's concluded their daughter would be restricted to the house for all 26 days. Maureen would be the unhappy recipient of a daily lesson from her mother's hairbrush, except for the final day that is. For the final day it was decided she would learn from the strap at the hands of her father. Mrs. O'Malley created a list of household chores that Maureen would be required to do under her supervision. Certainly enough to work off her debt. Mrs. O'Malley was also insistent, despite reservation her husband had, Maureen would remain naked for all 26 days. Maureen's 3 hour class on Wednesdays being the only exception.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley decided to retire to their bedroom before their children came home that evening. When Maureen and her brothers arrived they were a little surprised their Mother and Father weren't up to greet them but, none suspected anything. Of course, only Maureen had reason to.

Saturday morning came as normal. Maureen, always an early riser, was up at 6AM despite going to bed well after midnight the night before. She bounced happily into the kitchen clad in her nightshirt and panties only. Her mother was sitting at the breakfast table sipping her coffee and enjoying the last remnants of her oatmeal. Nothing out of the ordinary at all.

"Good morning. Did you have a good time at Six Flags, dear?" Mrs. O'Malley asked betraying no hint of what was coming.

"Oh yes Mother! It was fantastic. We all had a wonderful time. It was busy of course but, it is summer." Maureen replied with far too much glee. If she only knew but, how could she?

"Its good you enjoyed it. When your father gets up the three of us need to have a little talk. Oh and do bring my hairbrush with you. I believe it will have a lot to say today." Mrs. O'Malley's voice remained calm and sweet which was more frightening to Maureen than if her Mother had been yelling in her face.

"Mother? What did I do?" Can she feign innocence or what? She was actually convinced her mother couldn't possibly know about the credit card because she had the statement tucked away in her room.

"Don't give me that little miss. You know very well what you've been up to. If you don't know then your father must be waisting his money sending you to university. Now I believe I just told you, you have a spanking coming. You know what that means and if I have to remind you, it'll be a second session with my hairbrush today. You'll have to wait for your father to come down before you can get the hairbrush so once your ready just sit down and eat some breakfast." Mrs. O'Malley dropped the sweet voice in favor of her stern mother voice. It had the desired effect.

"Yes, Ma'am" Maureen was still very confused as she stripped off her nightshirt and panties. She couldn't see how it could have anything to do with the credit card and couldn't come up with anything else she had done.

Maureen did as she was told and sat down at the breakfast table with her cup of coffee and grabbed an orange from the fruit bowl. As she began peeling the skin off her brothers came down and into the kitchen. All four of them stopped dead in their tracks seeing their older sister sitting at the table naked. They weren't shocked to see her naked, simply put they were used to that as their sister seemed incapable of going even a month without a trip over Mother's knee. No, they were shocked because they thought it had to do with them coming in 20 minutes later than they were supposed to the night before. The boys instantly came to her defense. Telling Mrs. O'Malley that they were at fault and not their sister. As I said earlier, Maureen was a princess and these four young knights were doing their best to come to the rescue.

I won't bore you with the conversation between the boys and their mother. It wasn't very long but, it was also mostly one-sided as Mrs. O'Malley made it clear she was in charge. The boys all settled down to the breakfast table with their bowls of cereal and glasses of milk. Mrs. O'Malley left the kitchen in favor of the solitude of her drawing room. She was, as always, amazed at how protective every one of her sons was of their sister.

For Maureen the thirty minutes it took for her father to come down was an eternity in hell. She kept searching her memory for what else she might have done. She convinced herself that it could have nothing to do with the credit card because she reasoned if they ever found out about that, she'd be getting the strap for sure. Her father's arrival in the kitchen was both a blessing and a curse. Soon she'd find out what she did.

"Good Morning Maureen. Go on up and get the hairbrush and join us in your mother's drawing room." His tone was no different than if he was asking her to pass the newspaper.

"Yes, Father." Maureen bolted from the kitchen and headed to her parent's bedroom to fetch the dreaded hairbrush.

When Maureen returned downstairs and entered the drawing room her parents were seated in opposite chairs so that to face one her back would be to the other. Her mother was sitting in her customary chair. It was straight backed with a wide base, clearly of solid quality. The chair almost seemed like it was made for over-the-knee spanking as it had no sides and its width and height made it so that even at Maureen's age she still found herself suspended off the ground when over her mother's knee. The chair her father was sitting in seemed to be a perfect match except it had arms. The chairs were actually quite old and had been handed down from her grandparents to her parents as a wedding gift.

Mrs. O'Malley saw no point in conversing with Maureen before starting. She beckoned her daughter to her. Maureen handed the hairbrush to her Mother and said her required line, "Mother, please use this hairbrush to soundly spank my bare bottom until I learn to behave like the very good girl you have raised me to be."

"Why thank you dear. I shall do just that. Now get over my lap." Mrs. O'Malley replied with her customary phrase.

Mrs. O'Malley had determined ahead of time she was not going to make anything easy for Maureen. She began spanking as soon as her daughter was over her lap. She used the hairbrush to lightly pepper her daughter bottom until it was a nice shade of pink before asking the question that Maureen would quickly learn to hate. "Are you ready to tell me why you are over my lap?"

"I don't know. What did I do?" Maureen said still playing innocent. Mrs. O'Malley responded with a rapid flurry of spanks which elicited a few squeals from her daughter. She then repeated the question punctuating each word with a hard smack on Maureen's upper thighs.

"Mother please tell me! I really don't know!" Maureen continued her game of innocence. Mrs. O'Malley repeated her previous response only longer and a little harder. Maureen's squeals turned into cries and her legs started some involuntary kicking. Again the question of the day was repeated punctuating each word with two hard smacks to the upper thighs.

"I'm sorry. Whatever I did, I'm sorry! Please Mother!" For a 21 year old college student Maureen wasn't very bright was she? Other than a glowing rear end of course. Mrs. O'Malley really laid on the hairbrush this time. Maureen went straight to screaming and begging. Mrs. O'Malley kept spanking this time long past the point she stopped before. Its hard to say just how long she would have kept it up. Maureen though, could no longer see any reason not to tell about the credit card as she couldn't figure anything else out. "Alright! I took your credit card! Please stop!"

Maureen got her wish and her mother did stop spanking for a moment. Now that Maureen had admitted her guilt it was time for some scolding. Still, over her mother's lap she was lectured for several minutes. Mrs. O'Malley punctuated the scolding at irregular intervals with hard smacks to Maureen's upper thighs. She kicked and squealed with everyone at this point.

From Maureen's vantage point her parent's lecturing seemed to stretch on for hours. When they concluded their lecturing, they informed her of the punishment they had decided on for her. She was in total disbelief hearing they expected to spank her everyday for nearly a month. Now, while many 21 year old women would have been complaining quite loudly at the prospect of being constantly naked, Maureen didn't say a word about that. The reason she didn't think to complain about that, and if she had her father might well have convinced her mother that it wasn't necessary, was that on a certain level Maureen became very aroused with the humiliation of forced nudity. She had such an appetite for it that she had intentionally misbehaved from time to time. Having endured some forced nudity myself on a few occasions I do understand her fascination with it.

Once the punishment had been explained to Maureen and she had accepted the fact that it wasn't going to be altered despite her concerns of a permanently red backside, her father left the room so his wife could begin the real spanking. Mrs. O'Malley started in slow and even with randomly placed spanks covering her daughter's entire bottom. A few minutes in to the spanking the phone rang. At the third ring Mrs. O'Malley realized that everyone else must have left the house to avoid Maureen's persistent crying, screaming, and pleading. Mrs. O'Malley paused her spanking with a sigh and picked up the old fashioned phone that was just within reaching distance of the chair. While Maureen had paused her screaming and pleading she was still crying quite loudly and there was little doubt the person on the phone could hear it.

"No, she is indisposed at the moment. May I have her call you back?"
There was bit of a pause as Mrs. O'Malley listened.
"Oh. No she hadn't mentioned anything of the sort. I'm certain she'll have time this afternoon though. Would you like to come by for lunch, I'm sure she will be available afterward?"
Another shorter pause this time.
"Oh there is no need for me to confirm with her. I'd put her on the phone but she's never very coherent over my knee."
A very short pause.
"Oh I see. Well don't you worry she'll have dried those tears by the time you stop by for lunch. If she gives you any problems on that project you just let me know. I have a sturdy hairbrush that quickly corrects those kind of issues."
A longer pause again.
"Very good. Is 12:30 alright?" pause. "Perfect. I look forward to meeting you as well. Goodbye."

Mrs O'Malley hung up the phone and returned it to its table. Maureen was in such a state of distress the only thing she had gathered from the phone conversation was that her mother was having a guest for lunch. The spanking started again. Maureen returned to her kicking, screaming, and pleading. Her only concern being how much longer her mother was going to continue. Mrs. O'Malley stopped sooner than she normally would have knowing that if she wasn't careful she would end up bruising her daughter and that would make it difficult to follow through on her promise to spank the girl daily. Maureen was totally unaware that there was any sort of reprieve as her bottom felt as though it were on fire.

Dutifully Maureen returned the hairbrush to it resting place and then returned to the kitchen to retrieve her discarded night clothes. After taking care of them she returned to her mother to find out what chores she was expected to do. It was at this point that her mother informed her about the guest coming to see her at lunch. Maureen had forgotten all about her school project and the 'freak' she had been partnered with. For the first time in many years Maureen begged her mother for leniency in regards to her forced nudity. Mrs. O'Malley cruelly refused and even threatened to spank her in his presence if she didn't quit her whining.

12:30 came and Jack Herrman arrived right on time. He was surprised but not, shocked to see his project partner naked with a very red bottom. Jack was obviously several years older than Maureen and Mrs. O'Malley commented on the fact over there lunch. Jack was actually a full 10 years older than Maureen nearly to the day as it turned out. He explained that the course was a refresher for him, something his employer was requiring before he would be considered for a promotion he wanted. Jack and Mrs. O'Malley got along very well over lunch. Maureen ate very quietly, her face almost as red as bottom. She wasn't sure what to make of the fact that this man was ignoring her.

After lunch, Maureen and Jack settled into the study off the living room to work on there project. Maureen was very confused about the fact this man was not oogling her. Now, Maureen is gorgeous with her clothes on. Naked, its hard to imagine any straight man not pitching a tent. So, naturally Maureen jumped to the conclusion he must be gay. As you can imagine Maureen's mind was not on their project which was due in two weeks but, on why this man wasn't enjoying looking at her. After her third very poor taste joke questioning his manhood, he stood up and left the room.

Jack found Mrs. O'Malley in the kitchen feeding her husband and four sons. He politely pardoned himself for interrupting and asked Mrs. O'Malley where he could find that hairbrush she had said he could use. Mrs. O'Malley was of course surprised because she hadn't exactly meant her statement that way. After a brief pause thinking it over she pointed him in the direction of her drawing room and its well suited chair, and told him she would have Maureen bring it to him.

Maureen fetched the hairbrush with the opinion that Jack had simple tattled on her and her mother was going to spank her probably in front of the man. She was therefore quite surprised when she entered the drawing room and found Jack sitting in her mother's chair and no one else. Jack had to actually get up, take the hairbrush from her, and drag her to the side of the chair. While Maureen actually resisted, he had very little trouble getting her in position and keeping her there.

Jack proved to be an expert and communicating with a hairbrush. Maureen was screaming, kicking, crying, pleading, and apologizing from nearly the beginning. While it didn't last as long as her mother's spankings it was far more intense. Topping off the fact that she had been spanked only a few hours ago by her Mother, Maureen found herself taken beyond her limits. She fell limp on this man's lap and just sobbed her heart out. Jack winded the spanking down after that point but he kept going for a few minutes still. Jack picked her up off his lap and set her down on her feet in front of him. Her hands immediately went to massage her very sore bottom which he immediately scolded her for. He guided her hands to rest on top of her head and then led her into a corner to calm down.

Jack left Maureen standing in the corner still crying profusely. He returned the hairbrush to Mrs. O'Malley and thanked her for it. Mrs. O'Malley was quite impressed with the young man and told him so. He was the first man she had seen who hadn't placed her daughter up on a pedestal.

Jack returned to the drawing room about 10 minutes later and was pleased to see Maureen was still standing in the corner just as he had left her except she had stopped crying so hard. He turned her around, kissed her forehead, apologized for having to be so harsh, and asked her if she was ready to work on their project. Maureen of course, said she was ready to get to work and apologized for her rudeness.

They worked until about 6:00 on there project and then Jack left with plans to return the following day at 10:00 in the morning. Now, Maureen's punishment was far from over at this point but the remaining 25 days were no where near as entertaining as this first one. Maureen did suffer through and survive her extended nudity and daily trips over her mother's knee. The final day her father did follow through and use the strap on her. That was the only spanking during her extended punishment that was felt by her for any real amount of time. She claims it took a week for the tenderness to go away after that.

The reason Maureen calls this the best worst punishment she ever received is that she never would have gotten to know Jack and start dating him if it hadn't been for that trip over his knee. That would be a real shame as they are married now and have 2 kids of their own. Oh, and Jack got the promotion too.

Almost a fairy tale ending for Princess Maureen, don't you think?


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    1. SHUT UP WITH THE ADVERTISEMENTS! I hate these advertisers, just clogging up the comments! GRRRRR, I'd like to spank them!

  2. Strange, but entertaining story. I am happy I am not Princess Maureen.

    1. Me too! I could not bear the pain of getting spanked every day for 25 days. That must hurt a lot.

    2. Yeah, ok story, but it's WEIRD she dates and marries a man 10 years older than her.

  3. As for me I get excited just thinking about the forced nudity . I would probably have an erection a good part of the time. I think the mother's strict & well regulated punishment routine fits perfectly the 3 primary components for punishment - embarrassment , humiliation & pain

  4. When my boyfriend spank me for discipline its nothing less than an adult equivalent to childhood spanking. He like the belt or sometimes paddles the dickens out me with flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher. If I get paddled, he put his foot on a stepping stool and puts my 5' 3" petite body over her thigh so I'm dangling in half. If its with a belt I am bent over the couch. Either way, when its a discipline spanking my safe word is nullified and there's no specified number of whacks, it doesn't stop until he decides, not me. My jeans and panties have to pushed all the way down to my knees for all spankings. When he's done I'm crying out of control with hiccup type sobbing Last time, he caught me with marijuana and he paddled thoroughly and than made me cut my own switch made push everything down again and lit into me so hard and fast I didn't have time to catch my breath. They were all rapid fire and it didn't end quickly either. I did that post spanking hoping up and down frantically rubbing my ass as I stiffened up and pushed my hip forwards. I've never done that post spanking hop before. He was so impressive by my reaction that he is going to use a switch more often. He said he like me doing that post spanking hop performance. Is that weird?

    1. Just sayin' you're that spanko from Strict Spanking Stories Blog (Eddard Stark), are you not?